My studio is based in Holmer Green, South Buckinghamshire. You will feel relaxed and pampered, leaving your everyday worries at home... Come and enjoy the CzechMarque experience!

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Know your colours and feel empowered

The colours and tones that suit your skin tone make you look vibrant.  Your eyes sparkle, your skin looks healthy and beautiful.  A colour analysis consultation is one of the most exciting experiences you will have: once you discover the colour spectrum that is right for you, it stays with you for life! 

The only thing that might change with age is the depth of colour that will suit you more but it will stay within the undertone of your colour spectrum.
Before a session I hear comments like:  “I love red but I can’t wear it”, or “I like black and greys and I am not interested in colour”. There will be a tone of red that is perfect for you, and out of the vast range of colours in each 'season', there will be some that will make the wearer look drab and some where she and he will look full of vitality. 
Once you have seen this in the mirror, and have your personal reference colour swatch at hand, you will never make a colour mistake again. The wonderful thing about colour is that it has an effect on your mood, and yes, can make you look 10 years younger.  (And if you haven’t got your colour analysis right it can make you look 10 years older!)
Your colour analysis session takes 2.5 hrs and includes make-up application in the colour tones that suit you. We use a high quality hypoallergenic range of Jane Fardon Cosmetics  make up, which we also stock for sale. You walk away with your own colour swatch which is included in the price of your colour session.


“I looked in the mirror and could hardly believe it!  The difference was incredible.  Romi weaves her colour magic and now I see it too. Wearing my colours has saved hours.  I walk past all the racks full of the wrong tones and am very impressed with my decisiveness.” Jean W., Bourne End