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Designer producing Jewellery from Silver and Glass

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In the video, the glass is being shaped into a heart.  CzechMarque jewellery is bespoke because, as you can see, each bead is made by hand.  Each necklace, each bracelet and pair of earrings has been made by someone who cares about the quality of the work, and we feel that this is part of what makes our jewellery so special. 

Most beads contain silver within the glass, which creates the beautiful lustre, bringing depth to the colour. Gold leaf is also used  in the range, and it takes on a different look with each coloured bead.

The glass beads are made in North Bohemia – which is the part of the Czech Republic, which has a long tradition of glass-making, dating back hundreds of years.  Centuries of expertise have gone into the production of the glass and we feel privileged to be the sole importer of this jewellery into the UK.  We have a very good relationship with our supplier in the Czech Republic. This means that  we can be very flexible with customers' personal preferences, enabling us to provide individual and high level customer service.

Necklaces are our most popular items and for a very good reason.  The glass feels wonderful next to the skin, and our large range means you can find a colour to suit you. When people comment that you are looking well, you are probably wearing a colour that really suits you close to your face.  Your eyes will shine, your skin will glow, you look full of vitality and – yes – more attractive!  Because our range of colours and styles fits in well with the colour and image consultants' classifications, you can find the piece of jewellery that acts like magic to make you look wonderful. 

Please have a good look around the website, and alter the colour combinations on the drop-down menu at the bottom of each picture to find the colours that suit you.  We are certain there is the perfect style, shape and colour to give you that extra boost.  We have simpler designs for that “everyday elegance”, which are also great worn discretly with a shirt in formal work situations, designs to help you express your personal brand, as well as pieces with more of a wow factor for evenings and weekends.

Enjoy what you see in the mirror!  You are unique!

 Best wishes,

Romi Carr




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