My studio is based in Holmer Green, South Buckinghamshire. You will feel relaxed and pampered, leaving your everyday worries at home... Come and enjoy the CzechMarque experience!

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Image consultants can sometimes get a bad name. Women (and men) may not like to get their colours and style "done” as they think they will be forced into some kind of a rigid image system. They worry they will have to throw away all the clothes they love, and wear different colours and new styles which don’t feel right.

With Czechmarque as your personal colour and image consultant, you will add more style and panache to your everyday wardrobe… guaranteed.   While it is fun to dress up for special occasions, your image will be more confident and you will live your colours and style every day. There will be more favourites in your wardrobe, even with fewer items! After your colour and style sessions you will understand which tones and styles flatter you, and you will have more confidence and energy to make the most of your life. Whether you have that special occasion ahead of you, or you just want to feel better in your own skin all the time, give us a call.

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"Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else."  Judy Garland


“I decided to treat myself to Romi's Colour consultation and found myself realising that this was not only a treat but a necessity.  Romi made me realise that colour is the basis to everything and that the energy vibration of colour can affect us in many ways.  It was a wonderful experience and I certainly will be doing the next stage with her which is styling.”  Cheryl Mann