My studio is based in Holmer Green, South Buckinghamshire. You will feel relaxed and pampered, leaving your everyday worries at home... Come and enjoy the CzechMarque experience!

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                  ... brings more confidence to how you look

Your image and style create a strong impression, speaking to the onlooker even before you open your mouth. Other people make assumptions about you simply by the way you look, usually within the first 5 seconds of seeing you! 
Your 3 hour style and personality profiling session gives you confidence to wear clothes that reflect who you arewhenever and wherever you are.
At CzechMarque, you will discover the foundations of a look that suits you, as well as tips and hints on how to create a distinctive yet adaptable style that makes the most of your personality.  Rather than finding individual items that draw praise, the aim is to find a total look that gives confidence, and draws compliments about you.
First, we look at the shape in different parts of your body, which has nothing to do with your weight or any features you may not like. It will give you an easy-to-understand way of working out what suits you.  From this you will be clearer about your best assets and how to enhance those to flatter you.
Then we look at your personality and your preferences to really bring your personal style to life, and you will be helped to find your authentic signature look.  How you express it is of course up to you, but a stronger sense of what makes you you brings more confidence to both yourself and people around you.
Your lifestyle and the different environments you move in will be factored into your personal style…and you will walk out after your session with clear ideas about what it is that you portray. Allow the inside to shine through!


“Shopping now is a delight – I can do a whole department store in a fraction of the time as I know exactly what I’m looking for and what is going to look great without wasting time or money. Romi and her sessions are such a wonderful experience and worth every ounce of effort and every single penny!”             Kathryn Tinsley, Marlow