My studio is based in Holmer Green, South Buckinghamshire. You will feel relaxed and pampered, leaving your everyday worries at home... Come and enjoy the CzechMarque experience!

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  simplify and give you more clothes choices.

“I have a wardrobe full but nothing to wear”.  I hear this every time and the trouble is that the full wardrobe is a problem.  All the clothes you don’t wear have made it harder to find the clothes that do suit you. You have created wardrobe clutter!
Part of our Wardrobe Review may mean letting go – or storing things you simply don’t wear any longer.  Whether it is never-worn Sale items, garments that don’t fit or were the height of fashion long ago, or clothes in the wrong season: a wardrobe review will help you take stock.  You may be encouraged to find good homes for some clothes, sell others (see links in "We like…), and maybe store those fashion favourites for your daughters!
Some clients have a beautifully organised wardrobe but want ideas for the coming season.  In many cases, I find that people have clothes that are not quite right but can be worn in a different way, or with accessories that give them a new lease of life. 
At the end of the 3 hour session (or longer at extra cost), your wardrobe will look and feel more organised to suit your life.  The bonus is that you will spend less time searching and more time knowing instinctively what works well together.


“Now I have a fraction of the clothes I started with, yet getting dressed actually feels more creative and fun now.  Romi suggested ways of mixing the items I’m left with to create plenty of new outfits; combinations I would never have thought of previously but which have already earned compliments.”  Kathryn Tinsley